What’s the difference between a volunteer and an organization?


Volunteers are individual people who are interested in and able to help with a variety of projects and missions. Some of our volunteers will also be listed with organizations. A person must be registered as a volunteer in order to select projects (we need a go-to person as a point of contact for each project).


When adding new projects for volunteers to select, make sure to include an overview and instructions. The instructions will be emailed when the volunteer selects a project. If possible, prepare the instructions in a separate documents, save it as a PDF, and upload it. Sharing the instructions in this manner saves us some data space, and offers a little more control over how the instructions look and print.



Organizations are entities like churches or charities who will be helpful in our endeavor or as references for services as we build our client base. Some of the people listed as primary contacts for organizations will also be listed as volunteers. Organizations will not have access to select projects at this time.